MAURO_V5 for U9508

Here is the B550 based ROM from mauronofrio. Also conatins the GPU fix for better gaming experience. Fast and hell and very stable.


  • More fluidity
  • Based on b550
  • Chrome works
  • Game fixes
  • Added modified pmqos
  • Added completely gapps
  • Added ascend tools
  • Stock Android lockscreen
  • Personalized theme
  • Powerwidget works


Screenshot_2013-05-14-21-16-19 Screenshot_2013-05-14-21-16-38 Screenshot_2013-05-14-21-16-08



12 Replies to “MAURO_V5 for U9508”

  1. i’ve got a problem with facebook “check in” function , it cant locate my positon with AGPS, but work with GPS

    any idea??

    1. I’m having problem with facebook “check in” function with AGPS, as well as with Viber location on all b5xx rom’s… switch to b6xx rom and it will be ok :)

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