Sony XPERIA Z KitKat + bugfix

Sony XPERIA Z KitKat + bugfix

I have waited so long time to get the new 4.4.2 Android update to my Z, but when I get it I’m getting shocked. Why? The notification are has been redesigned, but it getting worse. It is ...
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Which is the best ROM for U9508?

I got this question every time from the users. So here is my opinion: I can be weird from me, but I think the XiUI and HiUI not enough good for nowadays. These roms are old and based on the ...
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I’m back

I was very busy so I didn’t had time for update the site. Now I will try to make some productive things.
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B030_FTE9K for U9508

If you won’t like the latest Emui (B5xx/B6xx) roms battery life and GPS signal you should try this b030(ICS) based rom. It’s created by a Chinese modder from anzhi. That’s the ...
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GPS fix for U9508

I have noticed that the Huawei has GPS signal problem with the new EMUI roms. Some people also reported AGPS issue. Now I checked the GPS config files, and modified a bit and now it’s ...

GPS fix for U9508 soon.

I have successfully modified the gps config files and now it’s very-very stable and fast. But now I tired so I go to bed. :) I will publish tomorow(today).

MAURO_V6 for U9508

The new version is here! It’s based on B550 and the V5. Changes: Added Zeam launcher (changed the default settings) removed all chinese apps removed themes lockscreen stock rom android ...
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MAURO_V5 for U9508

Here is the B550 based ROM from mauronofrio. Also conatins the GPU fix for better gaming experience. Fast and hell and very stable.