XiUI v1.3 for U9508


This is my last ROM for U9508 and now it’s here.

CodeName: NightMare
RomName: XiUI
Version: 1.3 (stable)
Author: LavX
Contact: www.LavX.hu, lavx@outlook.com


  • Based on the latest EMUI (B627)
  • Removed the unnecessarry applications like MapBar. (Chinese maps)
  • Working FastBoot
  • Working Power Off alarm clock
  • Better and faster applications like XiUI Browser instead the Huawei’s half Chinese browser
  • New beautiful user interface
  • Fully supported multilanguage
  • Tweaks like no bootsound and every apps zipaligned.
  • Integrated Google Applications like Playstore and Talk!
  • Integrated SuperSU (root) and Busybox
  • etc…


  • Chinese recovery
  • Min. 15% battery charge


  • Based on the latest B627 and XiUI v1.2 (lot of fixes, improvements)
  • Updated Gapps
  • Some bugfixes
  • XiUI Browser
  • Awesome Beats sound
  • Infinity Engine v2.0

How to install:

  • BACKUP your personal datas
  • Unzip the XiUI_v1.3_Full.zip to any folder
  • Copy the unzipped files to SD card
  • Turn off phone
  • Hold (Power) and (Vol+) buttons
  • Select option 4th then 1st. (Wipe/Factory Reset)
  • Select 2nd then 4th (Install zip from SD card)
  • Select XiUI_v1.3_Stable.zip
  • Select 4th
  • Select INFINITY-Engine-V2.0.zip
  • Select 5th to go back to main menu.
  • Select 1st to reboot.

If you wipe your device after you had installed the ROM the notification bar will disappear. Only way to get back if you reinstall the ROM!

Apps names are foreign?

Go to settings->Manage apps->All tab->Smart Launher->Clear Data->Restart your phone!
It’s a bug of Smart Launcher.


Screenshot_2013-04-12-19-29-41 Screenshot_2013-04-12-19-30-00 Screenshot_2013-04-12-19-29-47


Mega.co.nz – XiUI_v1.3_Full.zip (430.7 MB)
RayFile.com (Chinese)

8 Replies to “XiUI v1.3 for U9508”

  1. Спасибо за труды! Очень жаль, что покидаете Honor2. Успехов и удачи!

  2. Hi, I downloaded xiui 1.3 for my Huawei honor 2 and did the 2 wipes, and then I installed it. After that 8 installed by the same way the infinity engine 2.1 . Rebooted and it got stuck in Huawei logo. I
    Wiped again and nothing, re flash the room and nothing, and more wipes with the dalvik and nothing. I tried but I couldn't. So, what happened? Could you please send me an email? ratontecladoymonitor@gmail.com thank you for your time and interest!

  3. 你好,感觉你制作的ROM还不错,欢迎到中国的BBS上发布你的ROM,让更多人可以看到!www.bbs.anzhi.com

  4. @David: What happened is…

    You wiped again after installing the ROM. And then you lost it.
    You should have wiped ONLY before installing the ROM.

    Reboot, launch the phone, reboot in recovery.
    Then, just install the Infinity Engine without any other wipes.

    By the way… where can I find the Infinity Engine?

  5. @David: OOPS. Let me correct myself.
    There’s an error in the packaging of the fuile Xiui_1.3_Full.zip
    There’s a file called reserved1.img.
    It should be named reserved.img.
    Repack your zip file with the correctly renamed img file and it will work just fine.

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