XiUI v0.9 RC for U9508

Hi Everyone,

This is my first ROM for Huawei U9508 (Honor 2).

RomName: XiUI
Version: 0.9 RC
Author: LavX
Contact: www.LavX.hu, lavx@outlook.com

It is based on B605, but I do alot of modification:

  • Removed unnecessary apps (MII test, Huawei things etc.)
  • Added Root and BusyBox.
  • Added Gapps.
  •  Multilanguage*
  • Tweaks (Deleted Bootsound, zipalign etc.)
  • New faster and/or better apps. (launcher, browser etc.)

*Only if you Wipe your phone after your installed the ROM. BUT4! It will remove the notification bar, so you should use Notification Toggle by J4velin (Download from Play).


  • Chinese recovery
  • Min 25% battery


  1. BACKUP your personal datas
  2. Copy ROM to SD card
  3. Turn off phone
  4. Hold (Power) and (Vol+) buttons
  5. Select option 4th then 1st. (Wipe/Factory Reset)
  6. Select 2nd then 4th and 1st (Install zip from SD card)
  7. Select XiUI_v0.9_RC.zip
  8. Select 5th to go back to main menu.
  9. For multilanguage select option 4th then 1st. (Wipe)
  10. Select 1st to reboot.

This is a RC version and possible to found some bugs, but it is Ready To Use and fast as hell. Please contact, if you found.

If you think battery drain too fast, please do a Battery Calibration (download app from Play).


Screenshot_2013-02-22-00-45-55 Screenshot_2013-02-22-00-46-04 Screenshot_2013-02-22-00-46-25 Screenshot_2013-02-22-00-46-49 Screenshot_2013-02-22-00-56-26 Screenshot_2013-02-22-00-59-39


Main server – LavX.hu (out of bandwidth – Please wait it will available soon)

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