Which is the best ROM for U9508?

I got this question every time from the users. So here is my opinion:

I can be weird from me, but I think the XiUI and HiUI not enough good for nowadays. These roms are old and based on the stock rom.

Some thing bad at this roms:

    -Weak GPS.
    -High battery usage.
    -Cheap extra functions.

Now the 4.2 droid is available for this phone, but the stock roms are shit. The CyanogenMod also available, but now it is still unusable. Why?
Sometimes froze out the phone, restart randomly and the worst: don’t work the camera (if you download 3rd party app, you can take photo, but can’t record video…)
It is just not finished yet… :(

But what is about the MiUI?
I think this is the best solution for this phone. Why?

    -Lot of function (but maybe it can be negative).
    -Weekly update. (!!)
    -The best battery usage ever.
    -Themes (my favourite is Black V5).

With average usage (browsing, music and some game) it works for 2 days. Of course I using Battery Doctor (configured autorun, auto taskiller and deep-sleep saver).

So if you like to try follow this link: xiaomi.eu

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