U9508: Root, Multilanguage, Google Play etc. for STOCK rom

If you don’t like the international stock ROM or the custom ROM you should read this post. This is the easiest and fastest method.

What do you need?


The first thing what you do is ROOT your phone. This is very easy and fast. Check in your phone’s settings, that the USB debugging is enabled. Then unpack the downloaded pack, run “run.bat” then connect your phone to computer. If something wrong try update/install driver or wait a bit to configure your drivers. Restart your phone, and now it’s rooted.

GAPPS (Google Apps)

To get Google Play, Talk etc. you must install Gapps. There is two option: the minimal what contains only the required things for Google Play and the full gapps. I prefer the minimal.
Install Root Explorer, then uncompress somewhere the gapps, then copy the folders to your /System (make you sure it’s mounted as R/W (NOT AS R/O!)). Then press yes, okay etc. for everything! :)


First of all do full backup of your datas!! Open the Root Explorer, then go to /cust/channel/cn/xml. Make you sure that mounted as R/W (so not as R/O!!) then edit hw_defaults.xml:
Find like this  < string white_languages=”zh_CN,en_US”> and delete! Then save and go to your phone’s settings and do factory reset.
After you should download SuperUser(or SuperSU etc.) from play.

Delete Unnecessary Apps

Open Root Explorer, then go to /System/Apps (R/W!!) then feel free to delete, what you don’t need. Beware! Don’t delete important apps!

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