Huawei Honor 2 (U9508) – GROM B204 SP5

I have found this Chinese rom to Huawei Honor 2. I modified the installer then I uploaded to my host. The Chinese hosts are slow and unstable. If you think, you could make mirrors. :)  Before you start flash please make you sure, that battery enough to finish it safely. Charge if your battery under 20%!!


  • Android 4.0.4
  • Multilanguage.
  • Gapps integrated.
  • Root integrated.
  • Fast as hell.
  • Battery friendly.
  • Fastboot method.

How to use:

  1. Download files.
  2. Unpack somewhere.
  3. Run “Flash all.bat”.
  4. Press “1′ and then press return.
  5. Turn off phone
  6. Press (Power) and (Volume-) to Fastboot.
  7. Connect to your computer.
  8. Wait until the drivers are installed.
  9. Press return.
  10. Wait… it’s working!
  11. When reboot your phone you can disconnect from your computer.

First time boot may long. If nothing turn off phone (or remove battery) then (Power) and (Volume+) and (Volume-) buttons and the Recovery will starts. Choose wipe data/factory reset -> Yes — delete all user data. Then reboot your phone.

The phone may be chinese, but it will changes auto, if not you can change az settings (use icons to navigate).


Screenshot_2013-01-15-00-04-18 Screenshot_2013-01-15-00-04-04 Screenshot_2013-01-15-00-03-51 Screenshot_2013-01-15-00-03-37


Main Mirror – (out of bandwidth  – Use Google Drive)
#1 Mirror – Google Drive

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