Hiui 2.0 by SoreX


This in the new Hiui, all based on the latest emui B627, with my customization :)

(this is not the original HiUI! It’s likes XiUI… – LavX)

CodeName : SpiderMan
Rom Name: Hiui 2.0
Based on : EMUI B627
Author: SoreX
Contact: sore87@gmail.com


  • entirely based on new EMUI B626
  • new kernel from EMUI B627
  • Many bug fixes, better RAM management (400MB free on first boot)
  • Removed Chinese applications
  • Original boot animation from Huawei
  • Working fastboot
  • Working power-off alarm
  • MultiLanguage (Italian by default)
  • No boot sound
  • Integrated GoogleApps (include PlayStore 4.025 and GoogleNow)
  • Google Music
  • Integrated latest SuperSu (rooted)
  • New ringtone and notification from CM10
  • Huawei Themes pre-installed


  • The same of Hiui 1.5


  • Kernel, driver, library and ALL applications updated to latest EMUI B627
  • Removed Chinese applications
  • Removed Huawei Permission Manager
  • Removed Huawei DescClock
  • Removed Huawei PhoneFinder
  • Removed Huawei Wheater
  • Removed Huawei Assistant, Accelerator, HiSync
  • Removed RootBrowser Lite
  • Replaced Huawei FileManager with UltraExplorer by XDA
  • Replaced gallery and camera apps with the MIUI v4 apps, when gallery is integrated with camera, have fastview and fast delete with swipe up on image
  • Replace Flashlight with the stock app ( have 3 level of brightness instead of one only)
  • Removed Huawei keyboard with Android Keyboard
  • Added Awesome BEATS Audio
  • Added Google Play Music
  • Added Google Now
  • Added Root Uninstall
  • Added SMS default JB application
  • Added AdAway (for removing advertisement)


Hiui 2.0 by SoreX

2 Replies to “Hiui 2.0 by SoreX”

  1. Большое спасибо за труды! Очень качественные сборки! Успехов и удачи!

  2. Sry but after installing this i don't have google output voice, that usually comes whit Jb. And there's not pico tts… just my problem? how can i solve it?

  3. Good job! I just installed this one and so far so good.
    Looking forward for a new ROMs from you. Hopefully the 4.2 will come soon.

  4. would like to thank lavax and sorex for the excellent HIUI 2.0 mod! keep up the good work, we're all grateful for the awesome mod!

    one minor bug though, when sending a picture over whatsapp it does not recognise the gallery app and an error that no gallery app is installed would be displayed

  5. i have to say that the power consumption IS EXCELLENT, IT'S JUST PERFECT, please, don't change the kernels or whatever you did, i was very impressed by that.
    but in the other hand, the are a lot of problems. first of all, messages App it's duplicated, notes doesn't exist (come on!) and email it's deleted. also, play store 4.025 it's not fully workable, it doesn't have sense put it in a rom. lockscreen theme has a bug, default theme doesn't work. also me widget (why delete weather?) is broken and i didn't had gps. Permission manager is useful for some things, I missed it too. Huawei's file explorer rules, please, don't delete it, put the other too, no problem but we miss it too. I didn't noticed any change in camera App. There are anther Little things (id3 tag missing) that i hope you can fix in the next versión. despite all, i'm very happy and i hope see the next fully workable hiui with the a, azing power consumption, good job!

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