GPS fix for U9508

I have noticed that the Huawei has GPS signal problem with the new EMUI roms. Some people also reported AGPS issue.
Now I checked the GPS config files, and modified a bit and now it’s faster and more stable. AGPS also works for me and don’t drop GPS signal.

You will need an B5xx/B6xx rom and root access. Then you have these files:



When you downloaded open any root filemanager and copy both into /system/etc (overwrite).


May cause battery draining…

GPS satellites signals @my room’s window (stormy weather)


AGPS @House.

Screenshot_2013-05-27-11-05-06 Screenshot_2013-05-27-11-07-33

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  1. The file GPSconfig.xml has an error; the 51th line should be


    instead of


      1. Of course yes. But It will use more battery! I find a new way to get better GPS signal. You just need a very thin metal wire and connect(the back will press the wire to antenna) into the GPS antenna (left to camera, up to SD slot). I used a 4 cm piece and works great with stock gps files.

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