Bye Honor 2!

The XiUI v1.3 will be the last ROM from me to this phone. I going to sell this phone tomorow. Why?
It’s simple: too big. I am afraid about crack it to two pieces or crack the screen. In the other hand is the GPU. The Vivante GC4000 is great in the paper, but when you try to play games it’s laggy. Very unpopular chip and the developer don’t optimize their games go GC4000. If you try to play with AAA+ games you will be disappointed, becaus only run 1-2 of 10. Don’t works well the Modern Combat series, Real Racing series, GTA VC (that was the reason why bought this phone, but it’s buggy).
It’s a good phone at all, but if you want play games… don’t buy. Also won’t work the new Google Chrome (and Opera…webkit), Skyfire beta.
And I think some guys at Huawei don’t like my roms… nevermind…
But it’s not the end. More rom will come, because I will make more to my new phone(Hello Moto…again:)) and Sorex will make ROMs to U9508.
I will finalize the XiUI v1.3 and I done with U9508.

Update: I’m BACK! :)

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