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Good news! The new GPU driver is awesome so I will don’t wait for Jiayu G4 anymore.

The Pandawill sent me an email, that say the Jiayu G4 will not release on 15th May. Some minutes later I got another message from my friend, who said the new EMUI (B629) is out and it have new GPU driver.

I was curious. The first thing what I tried my one of favorite game: GTA Vice City. The game was really slow, and buggy(don’t show the people) with the previous driver, but now it is fantastic!
Okay, that was the reason why I bought this phone, so whats next?

N.O.V.A. 3
This game is the most beautiful what I ever seen on phone, and sadly didn’t run before, but now it is also works! Moreover fast as hell.

I have criticized this phone about weak driver, but now I like it again. So I cancel my preorder… sorry Jiayu(and Pandawill of course)!

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  1. Hello.

    I read huawei ascend d quad xl specs which they look similar/identical to U9508, and was surprised when read that the quad XL can support MHL (tv-out).
    I was wondering will this very useful feature to be enabled to the U9508 too? Is it SW addition only?


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