B030_FTE9K for U9508

If you won’t like the latest Emui (B5xx/B6xx) roms battery life and GPS signal you should try this b030(ICS) based rom. It’s created by a Chinese modder from anzhi. That’s the reason why you will find some Chinese text, but it’s not regular. Of corse the Grom Toolbox fully Chinese, but try to explore. Also don’t contains the new GPU driver, but I think it is just temporary. :)


  • Based U9508 latest official version: B030
  • Add full Root privileges and Busybox commands support
  • application layer and the framework layer odex optimization, apk and odex bytecode file separation
  • optimized power consumption, enhance overall system efficiency
  • introduces more than 50 exclusive enhancements GROM Advanced Settings
  • all the new features through the embedded code and applications to achieve self-written ToolBox_fte9k.apk
  • There is no third-party applications directly into the case to increase the functionality
  • ToolBox_fte9k.apk gadgets carried out at least three times more than the reconstruction and optimization of multiple
  • streamlining all the official part of the built-in application and system applications
  • According to Contest implanted machine front market requirements and TouchPal dial
  • If you support fte9k the rom please activate Brush after more than two networked applications to contest for rom Statistics
  • In addition to machine front market, touch dialing and treasure necessary ReExplorer Manager and Superuser authorization management, not implanted any third party promotion (Re Manager can be used to / system / app / to delete)
  • Long press home a key clean-up current program feature
  • call flip mute function
  • custom function volume keys wake up the screen
  • emui input method and music player
  • Other details of the optimization


  • Add to enter the test mode function
  • Add to enter engineering mode function
  • Add into frequency adjustment mode function
  • add custom key function point function G
  • Add the default boot device switching function (Huawei and Samsung starter)
  • add custom Google service functions (open, close, and completely remove the Google service)
  • add-column layout in the form of two states (two-page grid layouts, single-page single-line layout)
  • Add 15 key status bar shortcut buttons:
  • reboot option to switch access points, flashlight, lock the phone, G keys,
  • flight, ringer mode, brightness adjustment, front button light switch, quick screencast
  • wifi, bluetooth, gps, data switches and automatic rotation
  • add custom status bar layout mode switching
  • added at the bottom of the virtual key vibration feedback intensity adjustment
  • Add ringtone flip mute function
  • Join unlock interface switching (2d and Google Huawei Unlock native)
  • added to unlock Huawei unlock custom vibration, menu key unlock function
  • joined Google Custom menu key to unlock unlock function
  • Join the lock screen background color customization
  • add custom lock screen background picture as a function of
  • add custom volume, plus or minus key to wake up the screen functions
  • add custom automatic two-way call recording function, support remote control and Bluetooth headset
  • add custom prompts call is connected and hang up
  • Adding custom IP dialing
  • come and go electric attribution added functionality embedded
  •  add custom text color function calls attribution
  •  add custom global functions Dolby sound
  •  Adding custom switching power music features
  •  Adding custom switching camera and focus sound function
  •  add custom status bar background color function (support 9 colors)
  •  add custom drop-down status bar background color transparency feature (supports five kinds of transparency)
  •  Adding a custom image functions as a pull-down status bar background
  •  Join button bar status bar extension functions (Home, volume increase, volume down, and off key)
  •  Adding custom switching function button bar status bar extension
  •  Adding custom hide the status bar displays a digital clock function
  •  add custom status bar text color clock function (support 6 colors)
  •  add custom display function hide the status bar displays weeks
  •  weeks add a custom status bar text color capabilities (support 6 colors)
  •  add custom status bar layout features digital clock and week (Support Center, and Right layout)
  •  add custom display function hide the status bar battery icon
  • add custom status bar battery icon style function (Support 7 kinds of style)
  •  add custom status bar displays hidden operator functions
  •  add custom status bar text color function carrier (support 6 colors)
  •  Adding custom switching Samsung starter wallpaper scrolling function
  • add custom Samsung starter page ranks number function (supports three modes)
  • add custom page indicator displays Samsung launcher hidden features
  • add custom Huawei launcher page number function (supports custom page 1-7)
  • Adjust Huawei starter page layout, cancel the search bar at the top of the icon automatically populate the search bar position
  • new messages added custom switching bright screen prompts
  • add custom text dialog bar style bubble SMS function (supports three bubble style)
  • add custom text dialog bar background color function (supports 8 colors)
  • Join embedded messaging feature attribution
  • add custom text attribution text color capabilities (support 6 colors)
  • Press the Home key to join a key clean-up current program features (emui a small brush)
  • added a key clean-up procedures available memory prompts
  • and signal status bar shortcut icon blue style landscaping
  • Cancellation rolling caching to improve scrolling speed, optimize scrolling performance
  • off by default global animation effects, improve UI interactions speed
  • wifi and signal performance optimization, optimization gallery performance, increase touch response performance
  • Unknown sources enabled by default installation program
  • third-order effects of shortening the duration of UI interactions
  • support the underlying efficiency a key lock screen
  • Fixed date display format for the year – month – day
  • Turn on multi-language support
  • Adjust the overall layout of the internal pull-down status bar
  • double-page grid layout status bar supports this page tagging
  • double-page grid layout status bar in landscape mode supports vertical scrolling
  • Join emui edition Huawei input method support Chinese squared input
  • Join emui edition music +, support online music features
  • build.prop script-level optimization
  • Other modifications may forget …………


  1. Turn off your phone
  2. Press PowerOn+VolumeDown for 20 sec (for fastboot)
  3. Connect to PC (driver will installs automatically in win7)
  4. Press 1 then press enter
  5. and enter
  6. enter..
  7. wait
  8. enter.. but press down VolumeUp until you reach the recovery.
  9. Do full wipe
  10. Restart
  11. Enjoy


Mirror 1 – Baidu (Chinese)


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  1. dude your roms are great , maybe you can import the graphics drivers from b550 and b631 to an ics stock rom if possible , it would be a great rom because of battery life of an ics stock rom with an updated graphics drivers from jellybean .i really thank you for your rom esp mauro beam! :) goodluck

  2. Hello,

    google apps is van benne?
    Esetleg screenshotok nincsenek róla?

    Valami atomstabil, egyszerű, letisztult romot keresek, vizuális “forradalom” nélkül.




    1. Szia!
      Már régen használtam, de úgy emlékszem van benne. Manapság már Miui V5-t használok, mert tökéletes!

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